Discover and Develop your Reading, Healing & Intuitive Talent @ Menorca

Due to the success of my training Healing & Reading in the Netherlands, Spain, Bonaire and France, I’ve decided to come back to my training to the fantastic island of Menorca.
From October 1 till October the 5th I will host a turbo training; Discover &  Develop your intuïtitive, reading and healing skills,

During this training you will learn to develop your intuition and learn to work with reading reading and healing. You learn to turn off your own thoughts enabling the spiritual world, I call them our friends from the other side to help you as a medium. Releasing your own thoughts takes practice, but once you manage to do so, you’ll receive answers to the questions you ask.. Learning to do so is an important part of the course. Next to this, we will practice a giving and receiving readings and healings in comfortable and relaxed environment.

The courses that I give are primarily aimed at practicing and experiencing. There is some theoretical background, but the majority of the course is hands-on exercising . It strikes me that everyone is always amazed about what they are able to do in such after just a few exercises. Underlining the fact that everyone can learn the basics of healing an reading.

Due to the very intensive, interactive and pratical way of working, everyone develops rapidly creating a great group feeling. I’ am convinced that it is extremely important to work in a pragmatic, cheerful and most importantly, safe environment. During the training you will give and receive many healings and readings which will both help you in your personal development.

This training is for anyone who wants to learn in a rapid way and wants to practice with it. Everyone who wants to learn how to read and heal, to complement and expand on other reading and healing activities. Who wants to learn how to connect with the spiritual world, increase and deepen your spiritual development, and of training, for anyone who is interested in the subject.

This training is for anyone who wants to learn about and expand their know- ledge on trance healing and reading by practicing it in a safe and comfortable environment. You will learn how to give and receive healings and readings by connecting to the spiritual world improving your spiritual development .

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The training will take one week, costs €395,- and is held at the Bonts International Clowns School @ Menorca. 

Classes will be held in 2019 June 17 – 21  from  16.00 till about  21.00, so you have enough time to explore this beautiful island

About Belinda Keyzers.

The workshop is hosted by Belinda Keyzers. Belinda an internationally well-known Trance Healing & Reading medium. She has hosted trainingen and demonstrations for many years, both in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe as well Bonaire. Belinda has her own practice in Baarn with a large and varied clientele.

Belinda is convinced that everybody has a talent to read & heal, it is her aim to help people develope their talent.